I started doing this after seeing too many pilots lose control and crash, often ending in fatalities.  It simply does not need to happen!  My courses are for all pilots, that want to be in control of their aircraft at all times, even when it is 'out of control'.  Anyone can learn how to fly the wing, knowing what your angle of attack is, at all times, in any attitude, and how to instantly change it.  Equally important is managing your energy.  All pilots should be taught these things, before being licensed to operate an airplane, but there is no FAA requirement to do so.  Read 'Stick & Rudder', and remember, "The most important thing in flying is Angle of Attack."

  Alaska's only Aerobatic Flight School is located in the Mananuska-Susitna Valley.  If you fly in to Anchorage, you are less than two hours from Willow by car.  Just head north on the Parks Highway toward Fairbanks.  The hangar is at the Willow Airport in the town of Willow. 

  There are accomodations here in Willow or you may prefer to stay closer to civilization.  On the way up from Anchorage you will go through the town of Wasilla.  They have lots of stores and restaurants.   Wasilla is about 45 minutes from Willow.

  Aerobatics requires excellent weather, so you must allow extra time, and be flexible.  I can't get my bunny boots on the rudder pedals, or my parachute over my Carhartts, so I also require fairly warm temperatures, which pretty much limits me to May through August for aerobatics.

   Come on by the hangar for a visit anytime.   Call first to make sure I'm here.
Phone:    907-315-4984  

  Check the following link for local businesses.  I recommend Alaskan Host B&B.

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